Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ten Ren Cha For Tea

After our steak visit and not to mentioned that had no new menu to the Tasty. And re visited Cha For Tea last saturday, the menu was wide and varied and had flavor. Cha For Tea House is one of the finer establishments for tea lovers in Taiwan. We’ve eaten here a few times now, and have usually spent more than we intended because of their tea's and some of their best meals.
We arrived to an over crowded restaurant, and had a seat at one of the tables. But we used to choose the outdoor table everytime we come to this place for afternoon and its perfect for afternoon snack especially under rainy  conditions. It is not the elegant garden but they maintain the clean environment.
Green tea waffle with matcha icre cream and red beans. If you want to try their waffles you should have to make a reservation before you arrive . And you would not probably wanted to wait for hours during fully order.
 Strawberry  matcha waffle
Ham sandwich roll with fresh tea leaf tempura
Green tea shrimp shu mai, much less oily than other versions, just like I mentioned on my first introduction.
Sweet ssmanthus fish dumpling is pretty good too!
Black tea raspberry freeze cake
Hot black pearl milk tea
 Strawberry agar yogurt
Taro pearl milk tea, the heavy taro flavor is beautifully combined with milk tea
 Pearl milk tea
Excellent and attentive staff, we're coming back in a few days. I recommend to try their milk tea or taro green milk tea plus the tea flavor dumplings and waffles.
Cha For Tea
No.422, Zhonghua Rd.,Jhunan Township, Miaoli County
Contact no: (037)696-088

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Buba Buba said...

Love your food blogs it looks temptating makes me hungry. Tenren also popular in States in L.A. The buba boba tea it was the best drinks from Asia perhaps originated in Taiwan.