Monday, May 31, 2010

四川段純貞牛肉麵 Beef Noodle Restaurant

We went to this place two days ago finally we got a chance to try the spicy beef noodles in Mainland China style. This newly opened beef noodles restaurant is become a popular in our place,,, fortunately we live just beside this restaurant but each day lunch or dinner is full pack of people waiting to be seated. The restaurant itself is clean and bright. It was bustling busy from the time we got there at 5:10 p.m they even got started yet.
While we were waiting for our beef noodles,,, we try their appetizer. Despite the colourful outlook, this  spicy shredded papaya salad certainly lacking the refreshing of texture and juiciness.
We was fortunate to get a really good plate of delicious braised peanuts for starter.
Charles and Claire had both the none spicy braised beef noodle. You have a choice of thin noodles or thick homemade noodles, and we both choose the thick noodles just add NT$10 cents.
I choose the spicy braised beef noodles it was really delicious! We tried many many places and we been in many beef noodles restaurants in town. This beats the others in every way, the soup is thick with beef flavor, with a hint of Chinese herbs, chili and pickled vegetable. The beef is chunky  it's very tender unfortunately non-spicy is not an option.
Beef brisket noodles, the flavor is indescribably good and the beef itself was very tender.
The wontons had pork fillings the sauce was spicy and we like the flavor a lot.
"Shuejiao or pork boiled dumplings" An order of pork dumplings, these are admittedly some of the best  we ever had. There was something very pristine about these dumplings, despite their juiciness. The homemade dishes are delicious, especially their noodles. I strongly and highly recommend this beef noodles restuarant and one of the best in Hsinchu.
四川段純貞牛肉麵 Beef Noodle Restaurant
No. 62 Wuling Road hsinchu City
Contact No: 03- 5408165/ 5748838