Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lavender Cottage

After we stopped in Neiwan for a break we visit the Hsinchu hot spots is the Lavender Cottage. We drove to Jianshih the road began heading up in to the mountains, and up and up. There seemed to be never ending twists and turns. My initial impression of the place was that it was very neat and well maintained but also beautify the layout of some additional colorful mail box, flowers on the garden, fruits on the trees and gift shops is made of lavender. I lived in Hsinchu and  we are surrounded with mountain terrains and ocean, I never knew this place and accidently we discovered their sign board on the roads and when we arrived! very beautiful mountain view.
They even attached a colorful wooden mailbox is a bit like it’s styled to look like it’s fresh from the forest.
 The scent of lavender flower
A lavender gift toys
Gift products  for lavender-scented bath gels and creams and so on.
Scented dried mixed flowers
Classical county style kitchen
This building is the lavender forest cafe has such a mix of foods and yet its very expensive on my opinion. We order drinks only but there's nothing so special. Well, if you've driven past and kept going you have clearly made a giant mistake. Fortunately we don't spent our dinner here and headed back to the city. However I will recommend this place to anyone for those who loves the nature and mountain high terrain.
Tiramisu coffee
Black tea 
Organic fruit pulp
Black tea with rosemary and mint rose
Lavender Cottage
Jianshih, Hsinchu County, Taiwan
Contact No: 03-5841193


Klang said...

I've been here a couple times... 100 entrance plus 50 discount for meals or gift products. Kala ko ginagala ninyo mag asawa ang Hsinchu yan hirap sa inyo familliar lang kayo sa malalayu lugar. Tama lang yung sis yung 55 weight match lang sa 55 height. Hindi lahat na skinny or thin ay sexy hindi lahat na mataba malaki XD. No diet kain lang :P. Teka galing na kayo ng Austria bakit babalik pa kayo doon. Kala ko UK ang bakasyon natin. Reply lang unable ka chat inactive ka friendster.

Anonymous said...

The mountain looks so spectacular. I love the way you captured all the images here as well in webshots you done a very good job. Just asking if u are pro- photographer? And regarding to the first comment, you mean to say 55 inches tall or 5 feet 5 inches tall? In the U.S 60 klgrm just average weight. I guess its right it doesnt mean u are skinny u are sexy it doesnt mean u r meaty u are fat!