Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bella Bobi

Enjoying pleasant weather of Neiwan Scenic Area is encircled by tall hills and run through with Youluo River. We found the tranquil of Bella Bobi, This place offer such as coffee house-restaurant and D.I.Y gift shop are on the next level down.
The exterior is rustic and unexciting, but once you enter at the restaurant opens out to a very pleasant deck with umbrellaed tables. I like this area as it feels more to nature surrounded by cedar trees.
As we enjoy our afternoon break, we always had a waffle, this waffle just average taste with maple syrup but  somehow is pretty acceptable.
Chocolate waffle
Unexpected one!!! I ordered a Mexican baked cheese potato and when it came up a handful of doritos. I was been fool on the menu. I expect it was fresh baked potatoes with grated cheese on top. What a treat! I didn't come here for junk foods.
Baked tuna sandwich was delicious it serves hot inside-out  and crisp.
They usually have offers a nice of tea's, so great for afternoon tea.
 Duke milk tea it was great!
 Fruit tea
Bella Bobi 
Neiwan Hsinchu County

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