Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Irodori Sushi

Irodori Sushi is located on the 13th  floor of Sogo Hsinchu. Japanese food is one of the food that we liked due to the way the Japanese took pride in preparing their food by placing much emphasize on the color and the taste. The deco of the restaurant is simple, would classified as casual to see a sushi bar in a classic Japanese restaurant. They also offer ala carte menu and a whole bunch of set menu for value meal include miso soup, steamed egg, salad, and cold tofu just add NT$90 for desserts.
Deep fried soft crab sushi, a  rice roll with deep fried soft shell crab and roe salmon in it. It was freshly made so it was nice and pretty good too with a dash of wasabi and mayonnaise sauce.
We ordered the set menu, It came with the standard trimmings - miso soup, the tofu thing and salads.
Grilled salted mackerel, I'm very disappointed on my order, we been to many places and had a grilled fish like this, but this one it was tangy and stench somehow is not acceptable. I didn't eat anyway and stick with the sushi roll.
Assorted sashimi on vinegar rice. As it seemed my daughter she enjoy this dish so much, and the only person who can eat sashimi.
Grilled beef and mushroom on rice with Japanese soy sauce it was pretty good too!
Deep fried pork chop
Chawanmushi a Japanese steamed egg custard
Cold tofu a perfect healthy summer snack or appetizer.
Taro with brown sugar & mucha ice cream.
Baked mochi with red bean and purple rice, delicious just like everything as a dessert.  I’d say Irodori Sushi is worth a visit, if you are hungry.
Irodori Sushi
13th Floor Sogo Department Store Hsinchu City
Contact No: 03-5252528

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