Friday, June 11, 2010

Chun Shui Tang Cultural Tea House

The Chun Shui Tang Cultural Tea House Hsinchu branch brings an contemporary Chinese tradition. The tearoom offers different types of loose tea leaves, including green, oolong tea, different types of bubble teas and other types of cold drinks. There's a light menu available featuring noodles and rice dishes, steamed cake and snacks.
Looking around, I noticed the Buddha painted in black, brown, yellow-gold colours underneath with Chinese cabinet and a touched of display of their tea dried products. 
A view up the centre of the main staircase.
Steamed brown sugar cake, it tastes a lot nicer because of the aroma of the brown sugar. The texture is somewhat like firm the refinement of rice it turned out good.
Red bean with mochi cake or baked bao and similar with moon cake are made of pastry dough to that sweet filling. The mochi mixture and the red bean paste is much thicker. It is really good too!
Deep fried cuttle balls serve with satay sauce, this will be a surprise treat of appetizer or snack.
The good thing I like in Chun Shui Tang is the tea beverage especially their hot pearl milk tea. It was the perfect drinking temperature, with hints of topiaca pearls (there are actually soft!) Very enjoyable.
Healthy cereal milk tea or hot milk tea with cereal, a mild-tasting milk topped with a mound that looks like dust but tastes somewhat of ground rice or oats. If you like to eat cereal you might like this drink.
Chocolate and black tea latte, it's just iced black tea with some cocoa. Thou it was pretty good for being a bit sweet.
Matcha milk tea with honey red bean and cookies. A thick flourish of sweet red bean paste and generously with amount of green tea cookies. The bottom is dark green and pleasingly balanced of matcha green tea, this drink could almost qualify as a meal and it makes my daughter smile. Ok! some foods it wasn't great the tea it was wonderful it's a place that we would like to visit again and again for drinking tea since they starts at Windance and moved to Chupei City Hsinchu. Definitely worth a visit, great chill ambiance.
Chun Shui Tang Cultural Tea House
329 Wenxin Road, Chupei City Hsinchu County.
Contact No: 03-558-5358

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