Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The Chinglin Farm and Restaurant is another tourist spot, where guests can find a variety of blooming flowers. The garden is planted with all sorts of flower and plant species. A very vibrant colored flowers during cold seasons specially on spring time. I don't even know that there were many kinds of flowers here. I will be back on autumn or spring time.
Also consider going out and having a meal. Then, if you have the fun of doing something different. They provide a D.I.Y dried flower, you can design your own flower arrangements.
As I walked in at the counter it caught my eyes this nest filled with tiny dried corns hanging on the bar and think about the tamales next time.
And barely noticeable is the Chinglin restaurant with palms and lush subtropical foliage.
Of course our day is not complete without having afternoon break, as we enjoy the surroundings. We order of iced coffee's and desserts. This waffle with fruits and chocolate sauce was a light, zesty and not to dry thanks to the fruits involved at the sides.
Chocolate cake
Iced coffee with coconut milk was mild in sugar and thirst quenching. After a whole day searching for a good lotus flower and sunflower in other area of Taoyuan County. Because of the weather sometimes is windy with heavy rain and it last for 2 weeks, we couldn't find one just like last year.
Iced cafe latte and cappuccino
Taoyuan County
Contact No: 03-4987747

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