Friday, June 11, 2010

Re-visited Amigo Latin Foods & Coffee

Are you looking for Latino cuisine that doesn't require a trip to South American? Look no further, Amigo Latin Foods and Coffee brings the hospitality and specialty cuisine of Latin American to the heart of Sam Min Road Hsinchu. Amigo offers diners and lunch warm hospitality and mouth watering latino cuisine that will not easily be forgotten. That's why we return as soon we find a time and finally had try their empanada, that I'd never had for almost more than 10 years. Since the last time I was in San Fernando Pampaguenio. The menu features a culinary tradition that has made Latino our favorite culinary destination in Hsinchu.
If you want a little bit privacy you can reserved the tables in another room-exclusively and so it's a little bit peaceful.
The restaurant's decor is colorful but not overdone with a visually pleasing balance of light yellow against vibrant color. A collection of Chilean handicrafts painting hanging from the wall. They design so many focal points your eyes are drawn to each and every one.  By the way those painting and handicrafts are for sale.
As soon as you walk through the front door just off the street a convenient parking is readily available in the parking lot.
Chorrian-Potato fries with sausages and spicy tomato salsa was captivating! Also did some magic to our taste buds along the lines of. The lightly crispy fries with moist were great. They picked up flavorful sausages and the essence of spicy sauce from the thinly sliced of onion garnish was perfect. I recommend to try this tapas this is addicted.
Spicy calamari, this calamari are sauteed with garlic, tomatoes, onion and capers. Which remind me the taste of Filipino adobo calamares "adobong pusit" and I enjoy it a lot, yum!
The small bowls of soup arrived as the soup of the day is the pumpkin soup it was rich and creamy.
The reason why I can't get enough on my first visit here because of this empanadas. The Chilean beef empanada  served with salsa sauce are delicious was suitably impressed! However they wrapped in a very thin pillow pastry. It should made of a slightly chewy bread like dough. The filling is most often beef but can also include chicken.
Brazilian pork skewers, the smell fantastic and flavor was great and the quality of the meat was in perfection.
Roasted chicken in Latin spice, it was outrageously good and is the  best roast chicken we ever had in the restaurants. Very tasty, juicy inside-out with crisp skin and rich-flavored. OMG it turned out pretty well! I strongly recommend to try their half roasted chicken.
Sauteed salamon topped with a creamy butter sauce and served with mashed potato and vegetables also nicely done and its truly melt in your mouth.
And had a cup of Latin coffee they serve strong on my opinion, but which was okay. The food was wonderful! We were very surprised to find everything very tasty. Staff and the owner are very friendly and worth the visit. And credit card here are not accepted.
Amigo Latin Foods & Coffee
No.51, San Min Road, Hsinchu City
Contact No: 03-5341511


Clarissa said...

Bok's talaga may empanada pala dito sa Taiwan gusto mo punta tayo dito nakakagutom. Labas tayo bago kayo pumunta ng Europe ng family mo.

hsinchu said...

Hi Arlene Anlin I just headed back home from the south.It sounds pretty delicious, your photos is very refine and clear makes me hungry specially. I just get out from the barracks & need to eat a lot of food that I missed a lot during my training. I will try this one after attending the dragon boat for our dinner & thanks for the highly recommendation. I wish all of you have a lot of excitement for tomorrow & happy dragon boat festival.