Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shin Pu En Chinese Restaurant

Shin Pu En Chinese Restaurant is located on the eight level of Sogo Tienmu Taipei, the high ceiling of the restaurant makes the interior looks very spacious and comfy. The decor is typical-modern and quite a comforting sight for most Chinese restaurants in the hotels. This Chinese Restaurant is currently having selections of both traditional Hong Kong Dim Sum. Tempts you with a delightful dim sum and other Chinese delicacies which is both impressive in quality and for simplicity presentation. We also tried some of the often-ordered dim sum dishes, then we got a steamed or fried items. To see how Shin Pu En  lived up to the standards that we have for dim sum.
Hot tangerine tea, be prepared to order your drinks. This restaurant they don't offer a free tea or water on your table.
Assorted meat grill platter a combination of roasted chicken, duck and pork belly. It was perfectly done. The texture of this lovely piece of meat carved out of perfection, with the crispy skin and tasteful meat marination.
Steamed dumplings with shrimp and vegetables, which each thin skins, fresh shrimps unbelievably good!
Steamed shrimp meat and bamboo rolls in Chinese flat rice noodle. The outer wrapping is made of tapioca flour, consist of a shrimp filling wrapped in large, flat rice noodles and served in a mild sweet soy sauce. It was delicious and much lighter and less greasy.
Pan fried seafood rolls. They are made fresh, the rice noodle wrap with abalone meat filling. The outside layer was very crispy, and the filling was not bad too and served in fresh-clean lettuce with mayonnaise sauce. It's a real pleasure to eat.
Pan fried calamari pancake. I thought it looked quite oily but it was still tasty and not greasy as I thought.
Pan fried leeks pancake. Again; Steamed and then browned on both sides. Then pan-frying was done well and the filling really had a good complementary flavor.
Pan fried pork flavored turnip cake, these usually come to our table after they are freshly pan fried and nicely seasoned.
Fried rice with abalone, scallop and shrimp meat in fuscous style, it came out quickly but the dish had obviously been cooking for quite some time, it's very savory and we loved this dish very flavorful!
Fried dumplings with dried shrimp and pork. This puffer is more of a sticky dough, fried crispy on the outside and stuffing with mix of minced pork and shrimps and lots of taste of good filling.
To end the meal we sampled different desserts, starting with the thousand layer cake. A dim sum dessert made up of many layers of sweet egg dough with lotus paste and salted duck yolk and the crunch of candied fruit melon. It was graciously strange but tasty quite good indeed.
Green tea Malay cake it was good for being not too sweet.
"Three delight" This desserts are served in mini glass, a combination of three kinds of cold desserts. The yellow glass is the mango pudding, white is the almond jelly, and red is the water melon jelly. For me the jellies are light in sugar! Very refreshing too. Even before we finished everything on our table, we were already planning our next dim sum adventure. The breath of items was good and full of flavors. The food was of decent quality and reasonably priced, and definitely we will be back.
Shin Pu En Chinese Restaurant
Sogo Tianmu, 8F, 77, Zhongxiao N Rd Sec 6, Taipei City
Contact No: 02-28366628


Tatiana Bordilini said...

My gosh Arlene that is looks so appetizing! I should have to go to Pearl Liang in London this weekend & had some dim sum. The flights here in London are just fine so far. Did you guys make a decision to postpone by coming here in the UK? So where you going to in Europe & when?

Kelly said...

It looks delicious!! Especially the dessert!!

<3 Kelly