Monday, November 9, 2009

Japanese Restaurant in Jiufen

It was sunday before mid-day, while we are  looking for parking space we spotted this little Japanese Restaurant near the parking lot. This restaurant is own and run by Japanese and his Taiwanese wife. We realized  before we will start to hiked to Jiufen old street we have to eat our lunch. When we open the door there is 4 tiny tables occupied by 2 couple of customer. The Japanese great us "Welcome" in Japanese. The space of the restaurant is too small and narrow but the foods it was great. We order Takoyaki 100NT$, katsudon, katsucurry, sakuyaki, grilled fish. were not disappointed. I will recommend this restaurant if you are looking for Japanese resto in Jiufen. The flavored of their foods it was nice. If I will compare in other Japanese restaurants has to offered as the same menu.
Grilled fish

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seems very tasty food !!!
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