Monday, November 9, 2009

Taiwan & Japan Shabu Shabu

The Hot pot dining combines the cultures of Taiwan and Japan. Here you have to order the seafood first, then you can choose yourself  all you need on your cooker pot. They offer a various of meat, vegetables, drinks, dessert, etc etc. Taiwan and Japan Shabu Shabu it just a walking distance from our home, just beside A.Mart and B&Q in Gongdaowu Hsinchu. Thou were not an eat all you can food lover. But we don't hesitate to  try also last Saturday .Nevertheless :We don't eat that much, just enough to contain our hungry stomach. Its almost a year since the last time we dined in Shabu Shabu restaurant just like this one.
Shabu Shabu sauce: Satay paste, soy sauce, chopped spring onions, chilli, minced garlic and finely ground peanut powder. 
Thinly sliced of beef
Other shabu shabu stuff
Fresh clam and shrimps
Mixed seafoods
Pork sliced in bacon stripes
Hot pot cooker
Some of shabu shabu ingredients.

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