Monday, November 9, 2009

Jiufen 九份 台灣

Jiufen near Taipei, a village located on the northeast coast of Taiwan. Jioufen is a mountain town, the roads that lead there are mostly steep, curving, narrow lane.  It was a gold mining town that reached its peak under the time of Japanese rule in Taiwan during Japanese colonization. We are planning to re- visit Jiufen by next week, if the weather is good. Jiufen is a quaint town with lots of specialty foods set in a beautiful mountain overlooking the ocean.
Also Jiufen is side-by-side shops, snacks, souvenirs, tea shops, restaurants and is a food paradise. Then we found this Chinese restaurant (Ximung Ren Shen 戲夢人生)  its easy to see when you just enter from the narrow crowded street. And we take a break and wander around to look the old paintings "City of Sadness."or you can sit on the back terace over looking mountains & ocean scenery.  With just a couple of snacks & drinks on your table. But they offer only a full chinese meal. No cakes, cookies or sandwich to enjoy the tea time. It is strange for us to order a fried egg with radish omelette and steamed chicken with beverage. Since we want to eat the steamed chicken we don't care at all if its fit for afternoon tea.
Steamed chicken
Fried egg omellete with dried chinese radish
Cranberry juice
Guatemala coffee

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