Monday, November 30, 2009

Taiwanese foods from Sansia

Minquan Old Street
Before we headed to Manyueyuan Forest Park the Dongman hiking trail , we took a lunch break and enjoying the Taiwanese foods Minquan old street in Sansia Taoyuan at  business street built during the Japanese rule, it is a very well preserved example of Chinese and with mixed Japanese colonial architecture of the time. The street features stores selling art, ceramics, and local specialty foods  and the most notably delicious "Bull Horn Croissants" it comes in many flavors, as well as with ice cream.
 Taiwanese foods
Taiwanese sticky rice
Thinly sliced of braised belly pork
Noodles with minced pork in bean sauce
Hot and sour fish soup
Taiwanese wanton noodle soup
Hakka style turnip cake

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