Monday, November 2, 2009

Bellini Kitchen

Italian Dining at it's finest! Bellini Kitchen you will find only the freshest ingredients and fresh homemade thin Italian pizza. This is not our first time here, in fact is one of our choice for Italian restaurants. This is a good place to come with your family and enjoy a dinner or lunch, or just to have a good time having a coffee or tea during serving tea time. The staff will always take care your table with great atmosphere.
Bellini offer a set menu during lunch & dinner, or if you prefer for grand menu of your choice.
Soup during lunch they only offer 2 kind of soups.
Mushroom cream soup
Minestrone vegetable soup.
Deep fry calamari with cajun spices
Garden salad with smoked salmom
Crispy rice croqutte ball serve with meat sauce.
*Main course*
Hamburger spaghetti in tomato sauce gratin.
Tagliatelle with king crab legs in tomato cream sauce.
Angel hair pasta with eggplant in tomato sauce.
Linguine with mixed seafood in tomato sauce.
Extra order of Margherita pizza or margarita pizza
Thin crush pizza with mozzarella cheese in basil &tomato sauce.
Bellini style tiramisu with fresh fruits & ice cream.
Orange cream brulee with fresh fruits & ice cream.
Daily desserts chocolate sponge cake with white creme & fresh fruits.
Daily dessert panna cotta with cranberry sauce & seasonal fresh fruits.
Yuzu grapefruit tea
Bellini iced coffee & Iced Cappuccino.
The Italian foods in Bellini Kitchen are delicious, specially their pizza and linguine mixed seafood & you must try the cream brulee very tasty it has a flavored of orange on it. I will recommend this restaurant to everyone.
Here the exactly address for picky eaters like you and myself: Bellini Kitchen 4F, No 98. Sec 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Da-an District Taipei.

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Looks so deliciousssss and my mouth is watering already.