Monday, November 2, 2009

AZABU SABO Hsinchu branch

Azabu Sabo follows an original teahouse philosophy and serves authentic Japanese desserts and unique cuisine. And they are all over in Taipei and in other places of Taiwan. The first time we ate in this restaurant, the Azabu Sabo near by National Taiwan University. When the time we didn't care that much, how much calories we consume inside our body. Until we find we're getting bigger. Azabu Sabo they serve more meal than desserts. There were the standard Japanese meal choices such as various stuff over rice bowls, ramens and udon noodles, tonkatsu deep fried pork and many more. The seasonal set menu added some zest to the standard menu including little tiny japanese appetizer, salads, seaweed soup, desserts & drinks.
Gyoza Japanese fried dumplings.
Oyako-don a bowl of rice with chicken & egg
Oyako-don seafoods & egg rice bowl
Chocolate sundae.
Azabu Sabo website:
12/24/2010 This place is closed 

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Anonymous said...

Sounds Taiwan is no more Taiwan at all. To me is more Japanese. When you walked some places in Taiwan you may find more Jap resto.