Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cafe Grazie Sol Hotel Hsinchu branch

Hsinchu best Italian restaurant with mixed authentic cuisine, Cafe Grazie is a reasonably priced Italian restaurant with good food. They have a group special set menu but we prefer the grand menu. Everyone can choose one entree, soup, appetizers, desert and either coffee, tea or any beverages. We spent for just NT$1450 already a good deal for 4 persons. Also is a good places for family and friends. But is not one of our top choice for Italian restaurant, let say the food is great but still cannot compare their pasta and pizza to Bellini. What we like the most is the new classic vanilla creme brulee it has a lot of improvement from their previous grand marnier creme brulee.
Casual antipasto
Oriental beef and shrimp roll
Deep fried catfish with mustard sauce
Grilled spicy chicken skewer
Fried Spicy Squid
Clam chowder, seafoods soup in Thai style, onion soup, minestrone soup with basil sauce
Main Entree's 
Swedish sausage pizza
Spaghetti pescatora
Spaghetti with vongole in white wine sauce
Vongole rosso linguine
Classic vanilla creme brulee
Chocolate cake with warm orange chocolate sauce
 Strawberry & white chocolate mousse cake
Cappuccino, charcoal roasted coffee, chocolate gelato sorbetti, iced caramel milk ceylon tea
Cafe Grazie
No.10,Wen Hua St., Hsinchu City,Taiwan
Tel no: 03-5437102


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Pret said...

Italian foods is my weakness, it makes me really hungry.