Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Aunt Stella's Coffee

Yesterday we had a very appetizing lunch meal with my kids from Aunt Stella's Coffee at Sogo department store in Hsinchu. Aunt's Stella serves a set menu, just added a few dollar you can have a  fare of soup with bread, cake and drink. They also sell delicious cookies and cakes. tea time with cozy and neat environment. Must try Aunt Stella's if you are looking for American food with Italian twist in Hsinchu downtown.
Aunt Stella's some display products.
Cream of mushroom soup
Bread and butter
Lunguine with seafoods in lobster bisque sauce
Yummy "Red wine risotto with sliced beef" It taste marvelous!
Smoked salmon panini
Caramel chiffon cake
Orange chiffon cake
Apple pie
Iced coffee with vanilla ice cream float, chocolate and milk shake, and iced coffee au lait
Aunt Stella's Coffee
2nd Floor Sogo Department Store Hsinchu City
Tel no: 03-5217680

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