Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Skylark California Cuisine

It's a good day and had lunch with my husband at Skylark California Cuisine. A restaurant can mean a different type of foods with  inexpensive and very affordable price dining set menu. But we preferred the grand menu as always sometime the set menu is limited. But the food here is very healthy and appetizing. It has a lot of improvement on their menu since the last time we eat here, the grilled N.Z. steer tenderloin steak with coleslaw homemade cheese sauce is very tender and juicy. Skylark it has a 2 branch in Hsinchu. 1 is in Xida Road at Far Eastern Department Store and another 1 is located at A.Mart and B&Q in Gongdaowu just one block away from our condominium.
It comes to appetizer first then followed by the soup and bread.
 Beef with olive salsa on French bread
Smoked salmon with ex.v olive oil and aioli
Pumpkin pottage
*Main Course*
 Spaghetti and porcini and chicken in creamy sauce
Grilled New Zealand steer tenderloin steak with coleslaw homemade cheese sauce
*Dessert and Drink*
Panna cotta with fruit and berry compote
Chocolate cake  with vanilla ice cream
Hot fresh fruit  ceylon tea
No. 469, Section 1 Gongdaowu Road Hsinchu City
新竹市公道五路二段469號 (新竹愛買百貨內1F)
Tel no: 03-5752421
11/5/2010 This place is closed and replaced by Cha for Tea.

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