Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dinner at Flavors Swedish Restaurant

Re visited Flavors Swedish Restaurant our top and main choice European restaurants in Taipei, yesterday it was a good evening and special day to us. We had a good dinner on the cold winter night, surrounding with christmas lights, and christmas decor, christmas song it makes me feel at home with candle light dining room with great food. As we arrived, Ola and Stephanie and one of the waiter, they recognize us immediately. And brought us to the table, as we check the book menu she suggest us to try the hot red wine serve with some cookies and it is Swedish tradition to drink this hot red wine to warm the body during christmas. We did try some of their new menu, my daughter had a pork chop in apple sauce from his grand mother recipe back to his homeland in Sweden. The sweetness of the apple sauce is quite balance to the meat. Garnishing with: i'm not sure if toasted fruits with rhubarb and it was lovely.
We spend NT$1,500 per person because we upgrade of our 3 antipasto and 2 deserts. But every money we spend on our meal is worth with good satisfying meals not feeling neglected. And hey this is a real European Scandinavian foods not unlike the other French restaurant. Flavors doesn't make patrons feel like they are under dressed in an expensive French restaurant like many places do. Instead, it is comfortable and friendliness, nice place to enjoy the Savory of Flavors Swedish cuisine. In a honest opinion I couldn't make any negative comments on this restaurant, you should have to try this restaurant to know exactly what I mean and if you spend at least NT$1,000 in other restaurants in Taipei. Lunch or dinner set meal they always reach the standard and quality of fine dining and excellent service.
Hot red wine serve with cookies
Soup o the day "Curry and tomato soup"
Very appetizing assorted tepanades
Clove fried duck breast and cranberry sauce
Meatballs & new potato with brown sauce and lingonberry jam
Fresh salads
3x small bites
*Main Course*
Pork chop serve with carmelized and toasted fruits apple sauce
Home smoked salmon with dill fried new potato and herb garden sauce
Veal chops and truffle mashed potato with truffle sauce
Beef fillet wrapped in bacon serve with potato in green pepper sauce and garlic butter
*Dessert and Drink*
Rhubarb pie in vanilla sauce
Chocolate brownie serve with ice cream
Apple pie in vanilla sauce
Hot coffee
Address: Ren Ai Rd. Sec.4 No.13 Alley 26 Lane 300 (Taipei City)
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AndyT sai said...

I eat here once a mouth its yummy yes they given back the price into a satisfying perfect meals to the customers.

Eric Cheng said...

We dine here also, the combination of Taiwanese and Swedish couple are really works well. The lady owner will serve you, the Swedish chef will cook for you what a great food & good food on earth of Taipei.

ning said...

Best place and the food ever in Taipei.