Monday, December 14, 2009

Creperie La Bretagne

When it comes the word La Bretagne the first thing on my mind is the "French crepes" If you like real french crepes, you definitely should try Creperie La Bretagne is the place to enjoy every sinful bites of crepes and galletes. They offer a set menu it starts with soup or salad-main course-desserts and drinks for a very cheap price. Try the buckwheat strawberry in condensed milk sauce with ice cream and black cherry condensed milk with ice cream anything else on offer is lovely. The main course is quite delicious, but as on our opinion crepes are more match for sweet flavor. Then the soup we didn't like it the taste of creamy onion soup. Notes:  make sure you have a money or cash on your wallet and credits cards are not accepted here, but..but..but no service charge is added. I will pick this restaurant on our choice, will loved to come back again because of the owner's good attitude and yummy crepes.
Creamy onion soup
*Main Course*
The goat cheese, salad  walnut and grapes
Traditional Alsace local dish with bacon, onion and cheese
Mushrooms with traditional French sauce
German sausage and cheese
*Dessert or Sweet Crepe*
Black cherry, condensed milk with brandy ice cream
Strawberry in condensed milk with vanilla ice cream
Hot Curacao latte coffee
Iced fruits tea
Creperie La Bretagne
No.7, Lane 38, Section 7. Jhongshan North Road, Shinlin District, Taipei City (Tienmu)
Tel no: 02-28749922

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Jade Pulido said...

The staff there were unfriendly and cold,specially the older man chef,they are racists. They already posted an "Order and Pay here" sign so we, my husband and kids and I ordered twice by the cashier counter and paid for both. They were watching us like a hawk as we ate, just because we are a Filipino family who lived in Tien mu. When we finish they embarrassed us by asking for the payment before we headed to the door. Where as I myself followed their own ordering policy of "Order and pay here."
And to make matters worst they did not even gave us an official receipt which I know the government makes every retail business give to their patrons. What is that? A scam to get more money? Good thing one of the chef vouched for my earlier payments.I was about to lose my cool in front of my kids.They did apologized however was as insulting as what they did. with a cheshire cat smile!