Sunday, December 6, 2009


After lunch in Amigo, thou we had a nice sweet one, my husband suggest we try Haagen Dazs this time, forget high calories during weekend. He want some ice cream it's quite a while ago since is the last time we dined in HD at Shin-Kong Mitsukoshi A11 Xinyi District near Taipe 101. Its quite new to us. They have a new platter menu, we try their new one and my son just stick to his favorite "the banana split. And us we try the Napoleon citrus flavored with crepe in sauce, ice creams, mixed berries. And not so sure the another one, I could not remember but my little daugther said its Napoleon Fantasie flavored with layered of ice creams, strawberry and crunchy of cookies served in  a glass of candied mixed nuts white and dark chocolate. Never tasted anything like this in HD before its  yummy and taste better than it looks! Just sharing the good news.
Napoleon Fantasie
Napoleon Citrus
Banana Split
White and dark chocolate flavored with candied fruits with mixed nuts.
Vienna Coffee
Haagen Dazs Website in Taiwan

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Pret said...

Yummy yahhhh! I have to stay away from your chinks or forgets my diets.