Saturday, December 12, 2009


Thought I tell to my husband we never eat Cantonese foods for a while. After we do shopping from Hola and Carrefour for our daily use, we went back home to get  our kids for our supper. We're not so sure where to eat our dinner just looking for the Dimsum restaurant at  the corner of the road in Guangming Chupei, while we looking for a parking space we spotted this transparent window can be seen from the outside view, while you can see the kitchen through the glass case. We asked to the staff if there is any available table, usually you have to make a reservations first before you go to the restaurants. But we are lucky, there is more table waiting for us. Then the waitress brought us to seat and serve a hot of tea as always they do in many Chinese restaurants. I missed Dimsum again. But for the love of food in the restuarant and the service with a healthy simple creative delicate dishes. It was a perfect dinner with a whole family, specially our dear Che-Wei his with us and totally recover from  h1n1. If you are looking for Chinese restaurant in Hsinchu with a nice and warm atmosphere with an average price, I will recommend Tang-Bistro.
Sweet flavored shrimps
Stir fry abalone mushrooms with spicy dried red chili in miyaho sauce
Minced pork dumplings
Seafood dumpling
Thinly sliced ginger and vinegar soy sauce for dumpling dipping sauce
Green onion pancake
Black pork stew
A kind of steamed flour to stuff the pork stew
Red bean pancake
Taro pastry jam
 No.165 Guangming Road Chupei Hsinchu
Tel no: 03-5551516

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