Monday, December 14, 2009


Capricciosa Italian restaurant I haven't even heard of this restaurant before. I just happen to came back across we walked in the 8th floor in Sogo Department Store in Tienmu  a weeks ago, after our lunch in Wendel's German Restaurant and looking for a new place to eat by next time. Capricciosa is the same way how they do serve the foods in Bellini Pasta Pasta serving in a large bowl of pasta or risotto and is good for 2-3 person per order. We just had a complict on the set menu, because of the dessert, they only served one kind of dessert. Of course as a customer we want to have a different kind of taste. We tell to the waiter just asked to the manager if can changed the desserts at 4 kinds or at least make it 2 kind of different flavor then we can only add for and an extra money just like in other Italian restaurants.
When the waiter came by and said no! a big no from his manager. Then we stick to the grand menu a la carte style and the staff always remind us we order too many and it cost us a lot of money. Me and my husband we reply there's no problem about it, the problem is the service. Some manager they know how to pleased the customer. The cost-effective alternative upon on our request and didn't reach, we will never come back here again. Neither I will never recommend this restaurant base on our experienced. But in a honest comments on their menu, if you never try Bellini yet and you dine in Capricciosa you may feel it taste appetizing. It was nice but no so good if we compare to Bellini. Capricciosa's pizza, croquette, creamy bacon corn soup, crispy squid serve with tomato ketchup from the grocery store instead they have to serve with fresh tomato salsa with chopped fresh parsley, the seafood spaghetti is just fine a little bit salty on our taste.  The pumpkin tart it was lovely, but Bellini pizza, croquette and pasta everything in Bellini is quite well damn good! Just try Bellini Pasta Pasta or any Bellini Kitchen and Bellini Cafe and Capricciosa you know exactly what I mean to say.
Creamy bacon corn soup
"Minestrone"Italian country vegetable soup
Tuna and squid salad
Mixed vegetable with cube chicken salad
Crispy squid
Sicilian-style rice croquette, and a Bolognese sauce
*Main Entree* 
Spaghetti with tuna, calamari, clams, and green lipped mussels in tomato sauce
Salami pizza with fresh tomato
Spaghetti with whole clams in a delicate broth
Pumpkin tart
Strawberry cake
Then it was ended to hot coffee my 2 kids they had Iced tea.
8th Floor Sogo Department Store in Tienmu Taipei City

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