Monday, January 17, 2011

Shakey's Pizza-San Fernado, Pampanga

We were on our way home, when I decided to load some fuel. After loading gas I decided to eat our lunch at Shakey's since it was near lunch time. Ensconced it is right beside in the area of a gasoline station which makes it ideal for dining area for those having long drives or long journey.
The staff will always welcome us with a warm smile. The employees are very polite, friendly and helpful. I have had good conversation with them on that day.
The restaurant's interior will surely catch your eye. You will notice the wall with a huge colorful poster which features Shakey's logo. I love the ambience because it is like a typical American diner.
We ordered the root beer float and chocolate milkshake. When our drinks arrived, we knew that it was the start of a very good meal. Both the drinks were just super yummy! I had the super fizzy root beer float with a generous scoop of ice cream. The root beer is smoother, not so gassy but tastier is so different from what I had drank in can.
After a short minutes the slobber-licious chocolate milkshake arrived in this tall, slender glass.
Now for the creamy mushroom soup topped with croutons, as soon as my son dunked the spoon into the thick and creamy soup. He said to me for a couple times its yummy mommy. It was very creamy and very delicious.
The chicken 'n' corn soup, I thought it's just going to be a simple soup with toasted bacon bits in it. It was not too salty and it wasn't too bland and I like it a lot!
I try the Greek salad and loaded with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, green bell peppers, feta cheese, salami and olives. The salad was also good and crisp while the vinaigrette served on the side was tangy and well seasoned. A group of ladies seating beside on our table, when she saw I was focusing on the salad. She told to her companion in a funny way. Why that girl she's eating salad maybe she's Italian.  It is not that unusual seeing other people eating salad isn't it? Specially when you know that what you eat is healthy. I just ignored them. Anyway I got my fresh salad on my tummy and so delicious!
I almost forgot if this is a solo or regular size of Shakey's special in thin crust, loaded with beef, Italian sausages, pepperoni, salami, mushrooms, green bell pepper and onions. The pizza as actually very good, I was surprised! The crust was soft and crisp, the cheese was tasty and the pepperoni was just right. I think the pizza that tastes good cold as well as hot.
Classic spaghetti with 2 garlic bread which I love their spaghetti because of the way how they cooked not that soft unlike in Jollibee. They do cooked in al dente it with that sweet and tasty spaghetti sauce. It goes well with crisp garlic bread.
For dessert; We shared the oatmeal cookie a la mode topped with vanilla ice cream, drizzle with chocolate syrup. The cookie it was crunchy and the ice cream together with the bitterness of chocolate sauce melted in your mouth with every bite.
Overall this place is a fun place for adults and kids, it was clean restaurant. The food was hot and tasty, we sure loved and enjoyed our dining experience here. We'll definitely  recommend for those travelers passing by Pampanga and looking for a quick rest and something to eat.
Shakey's Pizza Sn. Fdo Branch
Km.60 Barrio Dolores, Olongapo-Gapan Road.
City of San Fernando, Pampanga. Philippines
Contact No:  (045) 860-7777


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