Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chateau In The Air

Chateau in the Air is located in Liyutan Miaoli beside the Mingde Reservoir and as soon as you enter gate of this restaurant you find yourself in a completely different and rustic setting with garden, woods, trees and stones to display a dainty combination of designs. From Chateau in the air  is a premiere dining destination in Miaoli it was full when we get there.This restaurant had the most extensive menu that we found and had something for everyone.
We start with a trio platter which was soft brioche garlic bread, noodles in sweet and sour lime sauce and shrimp cracker with tuna mayo sauce. It was pretty tasty and a nice way to start the meal.
We had the cream corn soup which was ok and acceptable with hints of pepper, but it lacked salt. 
Then we were served a vegetables salad with Japanese dressing and as part of set menu. We didn’t enjoy this as much because the lettuce wasn't even that fresh!
For the main dish: Me and daughter we had a duck breast in apple sauce with some vegetables. The duck it wasn't roast or pan seared which was deep fried and is quite overcooked. Nonetheless, the meat was very tender and the sauce's flavors worked nicely with it crisp skin.
The grilled salmon fillet served over a creamy seafood risotto rice, the salmon was fresh a very rich dish.
The pan seared king prawn  served on top of cream sauce on a bed of seafood risotto were the same as in the salmon.
And for the desert was panna cotta with caramel and whipped cream on top it was so creamy and yet still fulfilling.
We both had a drinks for the last meal, we were served with milk tea, black tea and coffee, a nice way to end a meal. Final Impressions: We enjoy the openness of the restaurant. It has a bright, airy, cheerful vibe and would have been a very comfortable green and none polluted atmosphere. As for the food it was good but not as good as we expected. However we still love to come back again!
Chateau In The Air 天空之城
No.33, Shifen, Dahu Township, Miaoli County.
Tel no: +886-37951815

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