Sunday, April 19, 2009

Flavors Swedish Restaurant

Flavors is the one and only Swedish Restaurant in Taiwan. We loved the food is always great with clean fresh flavour, the decor of the restaurant is simple and warm. The service and the characteristic of the owner is very friendly. We haven't eaten a Swedish foods before, so we try all the Traditional Swedish specialties. From our first taste to the pumpkin soup and our last mouthful of heavenly Swedish apple pie with vanilla sauce, every bite it was wonderful, as you'd expect from a Swedish chef. All the main course include the bread, soup, appetizer, antipasto, desserts and drink (coffee or tea) with reasonable price.
*Soup and Bread*
"Pumpkin soup" it has a orange flavor very different from other restaurants.
Spicy cold soup
Bread serve with tartar olive paste
Very tasteful marinated potato
Garden of fresh salad
Toast bread with caviar and sweet mild vodka
Tiny tapenades
Oven baked mushrooms with foie gras
*Main Course*
Traditional Swedish meatballs & new potato with brown sauce & lingonberry jam
Sous vide venison moose- deer & potato tower with juniper game sauce.
Sea bass & mashed potato with remoulade sauce
Sous vide lamb chop & flavors potato with marinated wine sauce
"Nypon" Rose hips soup
Swedish apple pie with vanilla sauce
Strawberry tart
Address: Ren Ai Rd. Sec.4 No.13 Alley 26 Lane 300 (Taipei City)

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