Sunday, April 12, 2009


Truva Turkish Restaurant is located  at Anhe Road in Taipei. The service was so good,  food was out of this world and very friendly staff with clean environment .The food was amazing. The dinner is easily worth twice the price.
Soup of the day, is made of shredded chicken meat,carrot and vegetables with oats and black ground pepper but taste delicious than it looks, it certainly very appetizing soup.
"Doner Kebap" Thinly sliced marinated beef slowly grilled. A vertical rotisserie and wrapped in bread seasonal vegetables.
"Karisik Izgara" Mixed grilled platter, turkish meatballs, Adana kebap, chicken shish and lamb shish kebap.
Brick stone baked seabass with Turkish spice.
"Karisik pide" Combo of ground beef, special Turkish kashar cheese and potatoes, mixed with onions and Turkish red bellpepper and parsley
Traditional Turkish oven baked rice pudding.
Turkish ice cream.
Turkish coffee
Truva Turkish Restaurant
 1F, 3, Ln 181, Anhe Road, Sec 2, Taipei
Tel no: (02) 2737-0037

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古奇女 said...

非常昂贵的地方吃饭, A very expensive place to eat! Check out my friend web post.