Monday, September 7, 2009

Chateau De Olliere

This European Chateau with guest lodge located on the Liyu Lake in Puli Nantou. Chateau de Olliere has four small magnificent castles and a stunningly gorgeous garden. The architectural style, interior furnishings is a gorgeous palace decorations, every corner of the castle has different style crystal lighting, ornaments elegant is simply gorgeous to full out into the outside box.
The very bright arched open air corridor between the garden area was so girly delightfully frothy purple and pink is wonderfully versatile. But it wasn't my favorite part of this place.
The right side of Isabella building is gorgeous and elegant gift shop and a lovely fountain with bright flowers surrounding. It really gives a European vibes.
This charming little ceramic Dutch dolls sat under the pillars in front of the restaurant.
I think the owner of this place spend too much money, you can see the whole detail. The ornament, gadgets, paintings, furniture display are on over the top!
Just like in other palace it has a beautiful dining space to enjoy the exquisite Western cuisine and a great place for afternoon tea. After checking outside the facilities, we went inside the restaurant and had a lunch. The Chateau Olliere it has a large of selection on the menu. The menu is brilliant and it was really difficult to make a decision. In the end we decided to go for the meat choice the additional NT$300 you can have a 8 meal course. The main course were a huge it was delicious. Not only is the food delicious, the interior is very well thought out and service was very good. Well recommend this place for those who loves to travel in Puli and looking for a great atmosphere.
  Assortment of warm bread with butter.
Tuscany vegetables salad with orange sauce.
Italian tomato basil and buffalo cheese salad with olive oil vinegar dressing.
Pan roasted French king mushroom.
 Bourgogne jambon aux persils.
Tuscany green roasted salmon steak.
Bourgogne garlic nut French shoulder lamb steak.
French mushroom pan roasted fillet steak.
Florence roasted herb pork steak.
French asamer iced milk tea & brown sugar iced milk tea, strawberry mango sorbet, and Alsace fruits iced tea.
Chocolate mousse cake.
Apple pie
Chateau Olliere- 歐莉葉荷城堡
No.27, Liyu 1st Lane, Puli Township Nantou.
Contact No: 049-2993636


Klang Chen said...

Hi Lhen the place was so amazing. I like the salmon. Even though Bruce his Taiwanese but indeed he so European he got influenced on you. I can see that on your home decor its totally very European feeling. I just wanna great you just enjoy Pampanga and eat a lot of pastillas and tocino.

匿名 said...

Yummmmmm~~嘩! 夢幻城堡在台灣,很難想像呢!哈哈~~