Friday, August 14, 2009

Observatory Buffet Restaurant at Sky Tower Auckland

A whole family romantic dining experience with magnificent views of Auckland, take a ride up the Sky Tower to The Observatory Restaurant, offering a full all you can eat and combination of sumptuous brasserie-style buffet, stunning seafood specialties and offering an extraordinary amazing night view of the city. However the food is good, but some of the foods should have to reduce the saltiness and high sugar on the menu. The point is to ensure peoples healthiness.
360 degree over looking view of Auckland and candle light with butter and mix seafood tartar paste and its really quite so salty.
Some foods that I take as soon as we arrived in the restaurant.
N.Z ham, another salty flavor on our dish
A bunch of fresh shrimps
Fresh oyster
An extra order on our table "Crispy soft shell crab" serve crusted with cajun polenta, Bavaroise of calamansi yoghurt & tomato cilantro jelly, and its quite delicious.
Lamb, scallops and ham
A bunch of sweet and fruits
Assorted salads
And gourmet cheese

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