Saturday, July 25, 2009


This rather the Spanish style restaurant, the menu itself had a wonderful array of both authentic items to choose from. However, those items that stretched the definition of “Spanish cuisine” first impressions were good, the decor is impressive and the service was above average with very polite staff.  Unfortunately the food was a complete and utter let-down. The paella was so poor, as it seemed they just cook the rice then arrange on paella pan and topped with all ingredients. We feel that on our second order. The arroz negra was a thing of beauty, squid ink paella with fish, shrimp and squid, mussels, the seafood it was cold.  I'd though this is not the way we cooked our "paella" I'm sorry to say!  We also had a combo dish  that feature  grilled chicken, beef, a large size of scallops, and mushroom that comes to the table on a long skewer that is drenched with bacardi rum, set a fire and served with spicy and fruit dipping sauces, but still it was tasteless, taught and chewy.
The gazpacho very refreshing, the desserts it was nice, the bacalao is crunchy but lovely and we enjoy it. The Portugal style chicken is undone we can eat rare beef but not the chicken we request to the waitress just  to cook the chicken again. It maybe this is our first and last to dine here. I prefer Hestia more than Gusto but I'd like the decor of the restaurant with real Spanish atmosphere. They must improve their Paella and cooked in real traditional Spanish way.
Spanish ham
Seafood combo salad
Bacalao fried cod
Black rice paella
Paella Valenciana
Portugal style chicken
Crema Catalana
Baked banana with caramel rum
Spanish ice coffee
Gusto Tapas Beer Spanish Restaurant
No.23, Alley 5, Lane 107, FuXing S Rd, Sec 1 Taipei City

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