Sunday, July 12, 2009


Toro"s I've heard so much about the reputation of fresh-cut steak. Inside dining is very spacious and focus on areas with a ceiling of nearly two floors! So, feeling very comfortable dining there is no oppressive feeling that quite a rare drop in Taipei. Inside the bar area with sofa and square table and up a long table has a round-table seating.
We have been into the seat, the service attentive pour our glass of water with lemon slices proffered menu, napkins laid out for us after the meal began to introduce methods. In short, because it is our first time, the staff focus us the recommendations best fresh cut and cook for us according to our taste. So we go for it!  Then the set full meal course packages just add NT$250, including appetizers, soup, salad, dessert drinks.
Our first meal that start on bread inside added rosemary, looks similar to the famous Italian called focaccia is very common in Italy. Also attached is three kinds of bread sauce:  Basil sauce,  olive oil with balsamic vinegar, and butter creamy sauce. Followed by 2 kinds of soup; the french onion soup and cream of tomato soup and it was fine.
My father and daughter had a French smoked duck breast with orange sauce, we have eaten a duck breast before and it taste pretty good. But this duck breast is a little  bit old, taught and chewy like a chewing gum.
Charles had a baby shrimps with orange and grapefruit segments and it smells very refreshing
Marinated beef platter in Thai style not quite bad again and very refreshing!
Waldorf salad serve with tossed apple, celery and potato with pecan, the potato salad celery taste I can only say cannot be considered delicious. The taste of this salad, seems to be redundant, uncoordinated taste.
Mixed green salad with sesame dressing also good but added more dressing will be even better.
*Main Entrees*
Tenderloin steak rossini, the taste of foie gras is the processed somewhat less.
Baby abalone and chuck short rib, the abalone turned out to be false and synthetic! Is not a genuine too dry. The beef still tender and juicy.

U.S CAB strip loin steak is very simple too! we could not help but once again. I guess the steak  preservation misconduct, tasteless and loss of gravy.
U.S tenderloin steak, finally we came to the classic entree! asparagus, red pepper yellow pepper, mashed sweet potato are ok.
*Desserts and Beverage*
After the main course, the rest is dessert. I am full of hope to see all the recommended the souffle, but also wanted to see what kind of desserts will be made.
Souffle is so simply can not be called Souffle! If you have eaten authentic delicious souffle, this is not souffle! taste completely wrong. Even worse is too sweet, and every spoonful, We can feel the sugar grains on the tongue.
Paris vanilla mousse

Hawaiian fruit tea
The rest of our 2 desserts is so so simple it was really sweet in the history of creation. Coffee is okay, the Hawaiian fruit tea there's no enough taste of fruits or even the tea flavor. Because the relationship between the price and the foods there's no way to have a second time to dine here. The dinner for nearly more than NT$4,000 plus service charges. We also understand the restaurant of the decor,  florist, personnel  staffs and ingredient costs, but the consumer's position, I would naturally want to defend the interests of our own meals. If today we spent NT$ 1000 each  for fancy meal, they prefer less, and the food quality of certain higher.
Toros Steak House Neihu Branch
LEECO Outlet 4F, No. 205, Minshan Street,Neihu Taipei City

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This steak house got a lot of negative comments in many web blogs like wretch,pixnet, roodo, ipeen, xuite, sina and more in chinese words.You have the same opinion with Christabelle a foodnotes too.