Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wang Steak

We had an experience far from our last visit, Wang Steak is a chain Taiwanese Steakhouse named after the late Taiwanese rich guy Mr.Wang Pin. With its high prices, classy interior and impeccable service with fake magician. They say that the steak is made up of meat taken from the sixth and eighth ribs. And it can only be well done. It tastes quite tender! there are also other steaks that can be made rarer. What I hate the most is the "Almond jelly pudding serve with frozen raspberry and topped with cold black sesame paste is a pretty bad combination" I didn't take any pictures it was ugly.  A set meal  here ran us about NT$1,200 a person, so it’s rather high for Taiwanese but not for foreigners with steak cravings. The service is not bad the foods it wasn't excellent, all in all, it’s a pretty good steak house to taste some good meat.
 A glasses of champagne is like drinking a sparkling soda.
 Seafood mixed vegetable salad
Shrimp cocktail with fruit salad
Salmon roll with Italian dressing, the sour taste of the sauce it wasn't bad, I like the taste very delightful on my opinion.
Foie gras mushroom soup
Corn soup in bread container
*Main Course*
Grilled cod and prawn
Crusty grilled tenderloin
Lobster in garlic sauce, chunks of lobster meat with topped of spring onions and stuff of slices king mushroom can taste is really fresh!
So it called "Wang Steak"  signature steak meat
The main meal compliments with this sweet potato, green corley flower and plum.
*Desserts and Beverage*
Chocolate lava
Chocolate brownie
The creme brulee was a little disappointing even on our 1rst-2nd visit because the hard caramel on top. The cream custard it should be soften not over cooked, it was awfully sweet and a bit hard to swallow.
Iced coffee
Hot and cold drinks
Wang Steak Hsinchu Branch
No.346, 2nd Floor Beida Road, Hsinchu City.
Tel no: 03-525-3236

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kiki from taipei said...

for young person like me it is not a good steak but I do like here for the 50's this is a good place for steak cravings. my parents like to eat here a lot.