Friday, May 29, 2009

Hestia Tapas Bar

Maybe this is the Spanish-style restaurant's special, on the web I  have done some network search and found that the Spanish bistro-Hestia seemed acclaimed seafood rice, focus on the price is still reasonable. The restaurant interior with the lighting is really also a small tavern full of feeling comfortable chairs.The truffle rice and paella seafood is undone, the results is not an ordinary hard, hard to mind was almost raw.
We had a few appetizers: slightly acidic tomatoes and a mild taste of the sausage, this dish a special  refreshing appetizer.
Seafood salad which were absolutely divine and the salad dressing which were also beautiful.
Spanish-style baked eggs  and serve in deep thick egg mixture, mushroom, and spinach it was lovely! but  I prefer the original taste of  tortilla de Espanola is made of egg, onions and potatoes.
Seafood paella
Truffle risotto
Seafood soup a bit special
Vanilla almond ice cream
Cream caramel or leche flan is a traditional sweet package far away from home actually the caramel flavor is not quite enough, but very appetizing, tapas was great! the sangria was fantastic, my husband who is not a wine drinker managed to share with me my glass of sangria. The atmosphere is great, the price may be less than value, but certainly be called reasonable. Because of uncooked rice maybe we will think twice to dine again here.
 Hestia Tapas Bar
No.3, Alley 18, Lane 130, MingSheng E Rd, Sec 3, Taipei City
Tel no: 02-27153707

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