Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Din Tai Fung Hsinchu Branch

We used to go to Tienmu Taipei branch but we were happy it has a newly opened Din Tai Fung global branch of this  famous eatery in Hsinchu also has nurtured and produced the best xiao long bao. One of the top and best restaurants as ranked and won by Michelin Star. It has got to be one of the most elegantly presented Chinese restaurants with the modern contemporary Asian design and the open glass window showing the production of the fresh dumplings. The decor was unlike a bun shop it was very clean although is full of pack of people just like in other places. But you don't have to wait for that long unlike in Taipei branches its pretty much quick to be seated. The tables and chairs were wooden and plenty of Chinese painting and simple art display.
We ordered a batch of dumplings, the four of us shared a basket of some various of xiao long bao and side dishes. The dumplings delicate skin broken at the merest touch, hot and delicious broth, filling with just the right consistency. The standout of the savory dishes is definitely these pork dumplings and each one was as succulent and flavorsome.
The best part of eating xiao long bao is in the dipping sauce was important too! By dipping the dumpling into the black vinegar or soy sauce and shredded ginger then drip into the spoon so that can slurp it up. Delish!
 Another marvelous delicious dumpling is the steamed shrimp and pork dumplings. It's tasted good and it's quite similar like xiao long bao with an addition of a shrimp was juicy inside as steamed pork dumplings.
The steamed crab meat and pork dumpling was full of flavour, however we were disappointed the worst mistake is to be stingy with the crab roe.
Fried pork dumplings, they were very crispy-juicy and flavorful but still added some sauce to them.
My son favourite dish is the Taiwanese noodle with spicy minced pork noodle and mixed in broad bean sauce and tastes sooo good.
One of our favorite here is the shrimp and pork wontons was  fat and juicy with spicy sauce has a strong kick of spice to it. Again its heavenly delicious!
Fried rice with eggs and shrimp was good flavoured and served with nice scent of scrambled eggs and fresh bouncy shrimps.
And had some nice and green stir fry vegetable.
Last but not least is the hot and sour spicy soup was ok. Consisting is one of my favorite Chinese soup and I'm struggled to swallow and I really didn't like the shredded blood pork. It has a smell and taste from fresh flesh blood it bothered me a lot! I always preferred the hot and sour soup without pork blood or shredded shark as I  had in other Chinese restaurant and really cannot eat this thing on this soup. I'm pure Roman Catholic Christian and freely to eat anything from liver, lungs, kidney,  heart, blood down through the part of intestine, but not in any Chinese and Taiwanese dishes. Sorry about that it was pretty taste awful to me.
After our lunch at Din Tai Fung and do a little bit shop for my leather jacket we walk down to the first floor  and had a coffee hour at Starbucks. We order the summer fun frappuccino beverage. Me and my husband were traditional Starbucks caramel frappuccino blended coffee customer. Were glad that these frapps were made properly ice, cream and sweet enough.
The pumpkin pie was serve hot but moist and crunchy pie pastry and the pumpkin filling is very creamy in the middle. It is always something that I look out to order every weekend. I think I will like it here more than my husband did.
The reason why we are here every weekends just because of this caramel pudding bun or bread and it become my husband favorite snack. Tender, sweet pudding with delicious and caramel topping including toasted a piece of croutons on top that added a deliciously toasty crunch to the dessert.
Service was excellent, staff exceptionally friendly and the dishes served at the right pace. The dishes that I find a little bland are steamed crab pork dumpling and hot and sour soup. I would highly recommend this place, you will not be disappointed.
Din Tai Fung
No.323, Xida Road., Hsinchu City
(FE21 MegA Shopping Center Basement-1)
Contact No: 03-5236222 


Kelly said...

Arlene! You make me so hungry!! I miss Din Tai Fung so much!!

CURTIS said...

These look so elegant and sound fabulous.Yum! I can almost smell it! I love the ramekins too!