Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hara Cafe Tea & Snack

The interior is simple, modern designed with mainly green and white colours. With its fresh, contemporary green and white theme decor and the vibrant and innovative design features window seats. 
I love the ambiance very clean and simple, minimalist, fresh and bright. You will sure feel comfortable having a simple and delicious western foods here mainly pasta and rice.
On the Table: We were serve the salad of the day with three selections of salad dressing. The lettuce and tomato was fresh, a drizzle of their dressing would have helped bring the rest of the salad together. This could be a nice light starter salad for a meal.
The soup of the day they had was the seafood creamy soup in puff pastry was fine but nothing spectacular. The puff pastry on top was a nice flair though.
We also serve 2 basket of garlic bread which was actually a little bit over baked and absolutely delicious. We like it with lots of garlic spread and most important of all it is toasted to a crunch.
My daughter picked around all of the veggies-spaghetti with vegetables in tomato sauce, but she didn't finished!
My son had the spaghetti seafood in creamy sauce, The sauce it was a perfectly-well balance not to creamy and heavy in flavor.
I ordered the baked penne with smoked chicken in cream sauce. It is made of bechamel sauce with chicken and baked with cheese in oven. I like the saltiness combination of smoked chicken and cheese its very rich and light delicious!
Seafood spaghetti in tomato sauce which was loaded with fresh seafood and the portion was good.
And for the desserts of the day is out of this place is not Italian or  some Western style either. We were served with cold Japanese sweet sticky black rice with a scoop of taro we find out that the desserts was so bland and less in sugar.
The drinks came in a large portion! The service is much slower, we wait for 30 minutes for our soup and bread to be serve and they forgotten to give our main orders to their cooks and we were disappointed. Although there was nothing wrong with the foods. I still recommend this place to anyone and the price is quite cheap and glad to have this kind of restaurant on our neighborhood.
Hara  Cafe Tea & Snack 赫羅茶飲
No.148 Chengkong Road Hsinchu City
Contact No: 03-5737888

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