Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Margaret's Garden Hazy Cafe

Margaret's Garden overlooks a spectacular valley vista and with the awe-inspiring view mountain peaks of Nantou. The entrance to the restaurant was decorated with  flowers, hanging chime, stone table and chairs. The restaurant is also basically painted with the color of purple, which made it fit much more naturally into the garden landscape.
An arrangement of blue, purple and pink flowers in a glass water vase.
The restaurant is extremely creating a romantic and lovely dining ambience, and has specialized in Yunnan and Thai cuisine in colorful presentation. Whether you are health conscious or you want a substantial meal on their menu.
The dining tables are filled with decorated daisy flowers.
On to the table, we ordered the shrimp tomato cucumber salad with sweet red chili glaze sauce. I can say they were fresh. The salad had this sweet yet spicy sauce and it was just great. Its beautiful colours isn't it?
Even a large bowl of soup or eggs and tomato always hit the spot.
Tender smoked duck breast comes in very thin slivers of what tasted like smoked ham to me.
We also had a stir fry cabbage its grown on this mountain region. It taste very fresh and organic.
To end off what was a very nice and filling lunch, we had coffee and tea. The iced Vienna espresso was presented with a mug of coffee, a glass filled with whipped cream to top of chocolate in a dish was all perfect blend.
The almond milk tea its good to shared for 2 people. The tea and almond was very creamy and fragrant.
I promptly ordered a hot coffee, I was very appreciative of this rich a cup of caramel machiatto coffee drink.  It warmed me up fast and it was perfect during winter season.
Yummy homemade popsicles or fruit pops as we call them. And you may find them beside the Starbucks in Cing Jing area. They were brightly sweet, colored, ice on a stick and it came in different fruit flavors.
Our favorite part and the reason why we always come to Cing Jing. Beacause of this wasabi deep fry mushrooms, it was crisp bites of spicy wasabi powder from Alishan was blow you mind its delicious. If you are a deep fry mushroom mania. I recommend to try this fried mushroom and you may see this store or stall in Wushe area.
Overall we loved the Margaret's Garden and would definitely return. The service is pretty quick and what we appreciated most was that the flavors were simultaneously simple and complex, the ingredients was very fresh, and always very satisfying.
Margaret's Garden Hazy Cafe
No.39-1, Xinyi Ln., Datung Vil., Ren’ai Township, Nantou County
Contact No: 049-2802923


francesca said...

Thank you dear Arlene your visit, I was very pleased! Your blog is beautiful and very ... inviting!

Dona said...

Anche se non in inglese come la mia amica Francesca rinnovo il mio aprezzamento a qusto luogo sublime.
Un caro saluto

kiki from taipei said...

I just loved the purple color and the food looks so fresh on their colors.