Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cha for Tea Hsinchu

A newly open branch at A.Mart & B&Q Hsinchu. Been to this place for many times. The first time my husband brought us at the main branch in Jhunan for lunch,  The decor is a little dark and it has a trendy, warm and intimate ambiance turned out to be a great experience in a such a serene and unpretentious atmosphere. The menu has food options, mostly some sets offered. Also a large choice of teas to choose from, there were different items in the dessert in small but reasonable portions.
We always choose the classic and seasonal meat set which include the salad and side dishes, soup, drinks and dessert. The appetizers were green tea taro with ten lu perilla plum to warm our pallete.
The tea flavored wanton soup just taste decent.
The cha's pork steamed buns filled with a juicy pork ball.
Green tea shrimp shu-mai. It was seasoned, certainly, a pork or shrimp shumai is pretty less in fat and healthy. It's nice and juicy on the inside and doughy and chewy on the outside.
King seasonal steamed pork with deliciously chopped vegetables. It was soft, nice and brown that was yummy for how simple it was.
I had the osmanthus tea steamed fish was so good!
Steamed fried pork dumpling. The dumplings themselves were crispy, the dipping sauce added a black vinegar and soy sauce and silver thread of ginger kick to the rich dumplings.
Strawberry green tea waffle. The green tea waffle had a nice texture, not too light and not too dense, it's enough to hold up to the strawberry ice cream, a scoop of sweet mashed potato and fresh sliced of strawberry with strawberry sauce.
I go for leicha with taro rice balls and tremella for my dessert it was pretty good too and healthy.
I also had the guava tea that it was pretty soothing smell the aroma.
My daughter had her matcha lattee, so simple, and so refreshing. The red bean is thick, comforting, health boosting sip. And taro green milk tea with QQ (no photo) for my son which always taste fresh, refreshing, and delicious!.
A large portion of caffe latte.
Such an authentic tea house, every staff seemed very happy to be there, we totally enjoyed the vibe. The food is usually healthy, less in oil and good for the body. We definitely come here every Sunday afternoon.
Cha For Tea-天仁喫茶趣
No. 469, Section 1 Gongdaowu Road Hsinchu City
新竹市公道五路二段469號 (新竹愛買百貨內1F)
Contact No: 03-5728345

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Anonymous said...

味道很好~菜也很細緻, 只是價錢也不便宜ㄝ.