Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Golden Cafe & Ireland's Potato

From the steep narrow street, there are well marked signboards guiding you to the El Dorado let say Golden Cafe & Tea. The highlights of the restaurant include its beautiful European style atmosphere.
Spacious seating room with natures view, you can almost see hill and overlooking the Keelung Islet and Badou fishing port the scenery even more beautiful at night but fortunately we experienced some rainy showers.
The ceiling is exposed with wooden beams across following the Tudor style and rustic English charm.
With regard to the quality of food versus the cheap price, perhaps I should not be too critical to comment  and here the highlight.  The cream soup came out quickly.
Me and my husband we ordered both the braised pork ribs it serve with some vege and rice in bento style. The ribs is tender and delicious, the rest it was inedible.
Teriyaki chicken was average. My daughter said to me just like you are eating a bento food box.
My boy had a seafood spaghetti in tomato sauce which extremely bland. Well it was nothing but seafood marinara mix with batchoy.
The only winner on our table is the coffee and milk tea. The coffee was awesome, I would probably to come back here if we will re visit Juifen again.
Food and service was stream of efficiency but unprofessional. The male owner with long finger nails touch the bottom of the spoon and so we soak the spoon on the water glass. The atmosphere might be good for drinks they offer great coffee. One of the delights of visiting Golden Cafe & Tea is the opportunity to explore the splendors of nature by hiking up hill of Juifen. And get yourself prepared a pair of good comfortable shoes.
 Golden Cafe & Tea-黃金之鄉
Juifen Rueifang Township, Taipei County
Contact No: 02-2496-0611
It was a bad time of day for dinner in Juifen. We hit Taipei City for a shoe shop at ECCO in Shinkong Department Store. We had a late night meal or night snack at Ireland's Potato before headed home. An appealing sidewalk fast food and bar provides outdoor seating that’s always busy. The place fills up quickly with people of all ages. Ireland's Potato is a kind of potato fries, made with a wide variety of flavors, some baked, some cheesy-creamy and spicy, some not.
The first time we ate here, I really liked the Potato fries in honey mustard sauce. Its' a pity that they had running out of the mayo-wasabi and so we ordered potato fries with sour cream. We couldn't finish and it was a little sour for our linking.
The honey mustard sauce it goes well on the fries and so we go for another cups and you cannot possibly eat without a classic bottle of coke. I always think about eating junk food and high calories for such things but their delicious. Good place for junk food its the perfect place for young-adults and movie goers, shoppers or you just hanging around this area.
Ireland's Potato
No.18 Songshou Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City,

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