Friday, November 5, 2010

Rose House Tea & Art Hsinchu

Rose House is located at the corner of Niupu Road near Homebox in Jingou Road Hsinchu, provides a wonderful and simply elegant tea experience for ladies and gents of all ages. Offers a selections of traditional english tea in pot or tin, and porcelain tea set or individual cups and saucers from England.
The Rose House Tea Room was a bit smaller room decorated with crystal chandelier in the center of the ceiling. On opposite sides were large wall mirrors and portraits which showed Queen Elizabeth II. It is quite formal and an excellent treat for a special occasion. The tables and chairs are comfortable enough is quite very British.
Having tea with family is always our favorite way to spend for sometime. On our table we try their afternoon tea set meal. We started off with our teas then came a 3 tiered golden stand of classic Rose House afternoon tea.  My daughter ordered the high tea compliments with summer pudding milk tea, between four of us we shared the desserts .
The summer pudding milk tea was served in vintage rose design cup and saucer compliment with rose jelly. It has more of a fragrant and creamy taste. It was really good and is a much better deal than the other tea shops. Claire loves every single sip of her tea choice.
On the top layer of Classic Rose House afternoon tea. We had  mango mousse cake, rose milk pudding, and fruits was fantastic.
The second layer, British style freshly baked handmade rose biscuit, plain waffle, scone with rose petal tea jelly and whipped cream. The scone are amazingly good! Moist, dense, but still fluffy at the same time. 
The last layer, it had a ham and cheese sandwich have turned into traditional finger sandwiches with smoked chicken and vegetable salad. I love the sour taste of the sauce quite pleasant for my linking in dressing salad.
For my self, I had the Scottish afternoon tea and quite similar to my daughter high tea set meal.
I order the hot fresh fruit tea for my drink, which was fresh fruit cut. Base on black tea with oranges, lemon and lime, slices of apple added with honey to sweeten it. Quite pleasant citrus drink on cold season and delicious!
For my boy had a Ice cream with warm waffles served with butter whipped cream, the combination of cold ice cream with warm, crispy waffles was great! But the chocolate ice cream is not quite excellent compare to Haagen Dazs and Movenpick. If you coming here, I suggest to choose their waffle with Haagen Dazs ice cream.
And compliment with caffe latte.
Waffle with seasonal fresh fruit and hot summer pudding milk tea for my husband. We left full and very satisfied. We will definitely revisit Rose House next time for lunch or afternoon tea with my daughter for sometime. Staff very attentive and the food was great ... Will certainly recommend it! Coming up Madame Rose in Taipei.
Rose House Tea Room-新竹經國店
 No 135 Nuipu Road, Siangshan District Hsinchu City
Contact No: 03-5305-690


Tatiana Bordilini said...

Love every single photos of your blog it looks so delicious. And the ice cream with waffles photo with Chanel bag background it looks more even more yummy. Well then I am Chanel addicted too, I like this brand than Louis Vuitton and Gucci makes you feel more feminine isn't it? If you are coming here in the UK, I recommended to you the Georgian Restaurant in Harrods or in Mayfair for afternoon tea.

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