Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Summer Flower

We was here 2 weeks ago just last saturday afternoon. I almost didn’t want to share my experience with you and a bit busy this past few days. This summer flowers Italian Restaurant located in Hsinchu, Dong Da Road. It serves a variant of Italian cuisine and plenty of pasta to choose from on the menu.
The interior of the restaurant is littered with a modern, relaxing minimalistic intimate feel with comfortable chairs. We had the standard high tea, and the family staff quickly attended to us, offering water and a bit of time to look over the menu. Then took our order, we waited a 35 minutes and the lady got back to us said soon your order will be arrived shortly. It was annoying for 2 person who are handling a few order it takes time to prepare. We never had this kind of experienced in any other restaurants. Most of the restaurants here in Taiwan they moved quick with efficient service.
Then after another 10 minutes our three tiers, and a plate of sandwich, pizza, bread and cake showed up with the wild berries fruit tea for the price of NT$500.
The sliced of tossed baguette with garlic and olive paste and tiramisu was ok.
 The seafood pizza was dried out!
The tuna, egg and ham (spam) with cucumber and vegetables salad was disappointed.
The tuna were not perfectly fresh. I suspect they had been prepared from the can and left on the fridge, and some of had a distinctly day old. The sandwich fingers were weak and tasteless.
I do love hot fruit tea, especially when the weather turns cooler. Tastes full-bodied, mouth-watering dark red infusion with the piquancy of hibiscus, rose hips, apple, elderberries, strawberry-blackcurrant leaves, bilberry natural flavor. This fruit tea reminds me of my favorite Wild Berry Fruit Tea from Germany that we always buy several times in Hola.
This a tad of Royal Vienna Coffee it takes 1 hour to make (imagine!) This normal drink isn't Vienna coffee but ordinary coffee.
Then another 15 minutes more after serving the high tea tray my kids milk tea was arrived on our table. They consume a lot of time and we wait with patient. The milk tea was smooth however it was definitely not the best milk tea.
The foods was bland and the service it was very slow, we waited for 1.5 minutes. It's dark when we finish it was a disappointing dining experience and not worth to wait. This is a common failing we wouldn’t go back otherwise. All in all a nice try by the Summer Flower but definitely a miss. There are much better afternoon teas to be had in the other place.
Summer Flower-夏朵
No. 8 Dongda Road, Hsinchu City
Contact No: 03-531-8111

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