Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thai Fusion Diner

A modern and trendy decor with a chic-sophisticated ambiance with soft lighting, dark wood. The main ingredient with black and purple softly playing off the modern linens colours to give the place a female feel, and you are transported into an ambient atmosphere.
The bar is a comfortable lounge and perfect for conversation as you enjoy your aperitif. We book the table in advanced so we’re seated in front of a large window. We’ve asked the staff on all aspects of their best foods. Probably we don't know that this place is a Thai cuisine eat all you can. As you arrived, soup was served and ready to heat the fire on your table compliment with Thai milk tea and prawn crackers for your stater.
After everyone was settled on our first batch order meal, the server came to take our orders. The natural choice was of course everything you want it to eat! Got my favorite is the spring roll. Thai spring roll stuffed with seafood wrapped in cabbage, bread crumbs and deep fried, and served with a mayonnaise-based sauce. We know for sure this dish being served in fish sweet chili sauce. But the mayo-based sauce is a smart choice too it balances out and brings this dish in a light way.
Thai chicken in satay was dry and flavorless. The chicken was flavor and in satay sauce then deep fry not grill, I guess.
We also got crab fried rice, we only find one tiny piece of crab meat on our rice and it was disappointed. But the fried rice was underwhelming at best.
Thai roasted beef in lemon sauce was served a little, maybe it's eat all you can so you can have it again for a couple times.
We also had a very authentic Thai whole steamed sea bass with lemon, chillies, coriander and spring onions. The lemon sauce was sour and a bit spicy, garlicky at the same time. It was superb as well as being very healthy!
We had been craving shrimp pancakes so that was our first search on the menu.  The shrimp pancake is authentic Thai meal and serve with dipping fish sauce. It was one of the best we have ever had! In fact we go for second round.
Spicy chicken lightly roast on a bed of shredded cabbage in tamarind semi-sweet and sour sauce drizzle with chopped peanuts, cilantro and chili. Each piece of chicken is surprisingly moist and flavorsome.
I try their papaya salad and I like it since I had this salad in Thai Town. But this papaya salad were not fresh it tasted was been made one day before serving.
Thai fried fish in lemon, the fried fillet of fish served with a side peanuts, chopped cilantro and semi sweet and sour fish sauce. The fish tasted greasy covered with heavy buttered.
We also ordered the stir fry king mushroom, a simple stir-fry with minimal flavour.
Plain rice was served the traditional way in an aluminum container just like in many Thai restaurants.
After our go around for the menu we asked to the waiter to cancel my pad Thai noodles I couldn't eat longer at all, everyone was so full, and we were served with their sweet desserts for the finale. Thai Fusion it serves an endlessly meal no limit time as long you can stand during their business hour. If we will be back? I think not! Because this is eat all you can and again were not a big fan for this kind of servings. However is a good place for those people who loves and passion to eat Thai foods. Don't expected for the spectacular desserts there nothing so special and it was bland. But the menu is simple yet varied and the price are really good too. The service has always been very friendly. Thai foods that makes the dish swim in the flavoured with lemon grass and lime, spicy, sweet and sour sauce, but gives a lot of flavor for your rice.
Thai Fusion Diner
No.136, Sanmin Rd., East District, Hsinchu City
Contact No: 03-5312258

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