Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tamago Ya

The restaurant is situated beside its elevator on the 12th floor of Sogo Department Store in Hsinchu. The decor of the restaurant is not that impressive does not have fancy decor. Which a curved egg-shaped couches in egg yolk color and white accents and metallic tables with a blue and white glow stripe color. Giving the room a simple eerie feel but is cozy and relaxing rather than in the food court area.
There was a huge set meal selection of rice omelete, pasta, rice gratin as well as ala carte. Meal can cost as much as you wish because the prices range from reasonable to rich depending on the contents.
Our first course was the soup, the corn soup is mashed with flavor of sweet corn and not as creamy as I thought but my son he love the texture.
We also choose the tomato vegetable soup which was basically tomatoes, onion and some vegetables and it was pale and flavorless are out of season.
The second course was an individual side order for the appetizer. I ordered mine with the smoked chicken salad has a vibrant color of red-yellow bell peppers. The salad itself consisted predominantly of bite-sized pieces of lettuce with huge amount of chicken scattered throughout and some sliced of onion and bell peppers. The salad was fresh and crunchy enough. I like the taste of lime sauce and the sweetness flavor in it which makes it amazing.
And this is I worried that my boy will choose the crispy fish fingers served with spicy sauce. Being deep fried for what I felt was slightly too much oil since it had been breaded with breadcrumbs before it was fried. I even more concerned that, this is too much in high cholesterol and no good for his health someday.
These spicy barbecue chicken wings are delectable which are coated with hot sauce adds to the flavor and crispness, they are great tasting.
The first main course to be serve on the table was the spaghetti with fried crispy pork cutlet. I tried one forkful of this pasta and preferred mine, I suppose they cooked the sauce in Napolitan with Japanese mixture. The tonkatsu was crisp and well fried.  Lacking the usual oiliness but quite enjoyable nonetheless
The pork cutlet with curry sauce and omelette rice, arrived in a pool of curry sauce.
I ordered the omelette rice with cheese burger. Inside the omelette was a pile of fried rice was done perfectly al dente that had been seasoned with ketchup and garlic or onion something like that. I  was surprised that the cheese burger it was moist and not dry. It was more seasoned meatloaf than what we would consider a American hamburger. 
A lot of mild curry sauce was also poured on top of the burger, giving into something remarkable taste of flavor.
And then there is the desserts and drinks for the final course. The cream puff with vanilla filling, sure that these are full of fat and calorie but very delicious that you simply won’t just stop at one.
With a dense brownie like texture and a soft gooey center. The chocolate brownie are not to be missed!
Next came chocolate sundae, a blended with milk and coated with cornflakes topped with whipped cream and oreo cookie, drizzled with hot fudge chocolate sauce were soft and gooey.
And so we had a hot ceylon milk tea it was extremely bland and less in sugar, milk, and tea flavor.
Overall the staff are very helpful. It's really an enjoyable lunch and we will be back again. All the dishes were good except the soup is wicked but the portion size was amazing!
Tamago Ya-蛋蛋屋 Sogo Hsinchu Branch
12th Floor Sogo Department Store Hsinchu City
Contact No:(03)5223959

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Jan R. said...

The color of your pictures it makes my mouth watering. They are so clear and bright colours. What kind of model or unit did you use?