Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The setting is nice, clean, brightly lit and spacious. Window seats offer views surrounding in front of the shopping mall. There is also a room set aside for private use. We went there around 5:00 p.m, there were a few other diners at that time and it was pleasant and quiet. While we seated, the waiters brought us a hot of brewed tea. We skimmed through the menu but lots of combo meals to choose from. We had a really hard time picking our choices and figure out what we should get, as everything just looked so yummy but no sushi.
It was our first time at Ootoya for lunch on a weekday and we order the combo set meal it came with pickled daikon for appetizer and mushroom miso soup. The dish arrived at our table, all I could think of was wow too much kind of daikon on the table. My daugther choose the oyako jyu, a flavored grilled chicken and beaten egg simmered in a sweet soy sauce, served on steamed rice topped with green.
I had also tried the pork and kimchi bowl. It consists of a sliced tender pork meat and crunchy Korean pickled vegetable cabbage on a bed of rice and topped with green onions. My first bite leads me to speechless because it was too good or maybe I'm so hungry. It was full with flavour, the marination, the spiciness and the sweetness were all perfect! And it goes so well with rice.
My husband was so pleased with his grilled eel coated with a glazed sweet sauce on a bed of warm white rice a laquered rectangular box with a lid . It was very good, and surprisingly filling.
Charles also choose his favorite deep fried dish is the breaded tender pork loin deep fried & served with hot plain rice, thinly sliced cabbage with sweet brown sauce and sesame seeds in a mortar and pestle. The tonkatsu did not disappoint! the meat had a nice bite and crisp as well. Thankfully it was light beautifully grease-free.
Whenever we go out for lunch or dinner, we always order vegetables is a viable healthy option. The assorted of steamed vegetables it consist with 6 kinds of veggies, loaded with cabbage, daikon or radish, carrot, sweet potato, some greens and cooked in a bamboo steamer, served with ponzu sauce with freshly grated daikon was nothing so special! We gotta eat  more veggies though and so our body we’ll be more healthier.
Then it was time for the sweet tooth, we sampled different desserts. It begins with their tokachi red bean mochi tofu pudding in glass. This was actually really good, the mochi topping they put on top mochi being extremely tender and delicate. The red bean paste it wasn’t too sweet it’s actually quite light in tofu flavor.
To follow an green tea ice cream with azuki red bean paste. The green tea ice cream also very fragrant. The sweetness of the mashed red beans compliments well with the bitter ice cream.
Warabi mochi with azuki red bean paste and ice cream in brown sugar syrup was pretty dense and compact.
An espresso cup of creme brulee it was sublimely smooth, feather-light creaminess in the mouth, the pudding is served chilled with a pour of black sugar syrup it was suprisingly good!
Finally I ended off with fruit tea. The service was promptly and desserts was delicious. As for price, it is reasonable by Japanese restaurant standards in Taiwan. To be honest, the main dish it wasn't blown away, thought it was fairly decent.
No.323, Xida Road., Hsinchu City
(2th floor Fe21 Mega Shopping Center)
Contact No: 03-527-7818

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