Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Foody Goody PizzaTrattoria

Foody Goody Pizza Trattoria is located on the busy road of Guangming Road nearer to the freeway no 1, they opened just a few months. The theme is pizza's and other western style in the menu are all in ala carte style. They also offer salad, soup, dessert bread and free refill drinks. I don’t think that’s a focus. Foody Goody has quite a decent decor, it’s new, clean, modern ambiance complements it well. But in the end you might feel you're dining in a fast food restaurant.
We started with the fresh ceasar salads, although not that special but it turned out to be a delicious dish, the crispy bacon, romaine lettuce and tomato. Serve in a small bottle of tangy dressing and crouton.
After our salads the homemade minestrone soup came out. This soup does not have as much tomato flavor as you are probably used to in many minestrone. But on my fairly opinion, it was well season enough and full of flavors and made of chunky vegetables.
When the entrees came out, we expect we’d picked some good entrees. The tomato pizza or shall we called this margarita pizza. The price was right but the filling of tomato and cheese was pretty tasteless. But the pizza dough is more fluffy and soft
The Italian meatballs with a pile of fries. The meatball which was pretty hard, rubbery and tasteless although it coated in tomato sauce.
Broiled beef steak served with fries and seasonal vegetables. A combination of filling up with the fries and vegetables it was a bit dry, without lacked of sauce and any sort of flavour were a turn-off. But the steak itself was done to perfection!
I also got to try the bratwurst was topped with sauerkraut it served with mashed potato and seasonal vegetables and mustard sauce. The sausage itself wasn't too salty despite the juicy lean meat oozing out of it, it was good!
We also had the Hungarian beef goulash. The beef is very soft, falling off the meat. While the sauce is cooked such that you can totally taste the flavour of the beef in it. Goes really well together with rice.
After finishing our main course, the waiter came and cleared our plates quickly! We were presented with the dessert served in a ceramic soufflé container. The crème brulee we got for dessert was a complete basically a dish of warm smooth, creamy crème brulee topped with a crunchy sheet of caramelized sugar. The blueberry pana cotta, If you've never had pana cotta, it is like a pudding or flan. The dessert isn’t as rich and silky as one would expect it wasn't special.
So the food was good and the service is okay, but there were definitely some misses too. It didn't stand out as being particularly special. A big disappointment for those Cafe Grazie goers.
Foody Goody-手工窯烤
No.45, Guangming Road, Chupei City, Hsinchu County
Contact No: 03-5589058

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