Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jean-Paul Hèvin Taipei 101

Located at 4-5 floor of Taipei 101 Mall, Jean Paul Hèvin Chocolatier is a French manufacturer of high-end chocolate in Paris. The small restaurant and shop is decorated with a modern blend of dark wood tables, cabinetry and leathers sofas. An open area ideal for those who want to see and be seen sorrounded by expensive premium luxury brand.
Arranged in an elegant tiered tray, the special set for 2 person include tea of your choice.
Top tier: We were served a 2 chocolate cake, 2 macarons, 2 fruit salads that is refreshing & looks beautiful in a mini glass.
The middle layer of sweets was a millefeuille, mont blanc, 2 canele and another piece of cake and it was almost too nice to eat.
The last level of the three-tiered was a egg, chicken and cucumber sandwiches with a touch of mustard, soft creamy cheese and fresh thinly sliced tomatoes.
The black tea it was incredibly fragrant and simultaneously soothing for a sensation.
They give us a free sample with this piece of chocolate.
My husband favorite part is the chocolate macaron with chocolate ganache inside was just magnificent. Over all, the experience at Jean-Paul Hèvin is quite good, but a little bit expensive being told that their macarons in store are imported from Paris.
Jean Paul Hèvin Chocolatier
Taipei 101 Mall, 4-5 floor Xinyi District Taipei.

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