Friday, July 13, 2012

South Beauty Restaurant

Location: My husband took us here last saturday for our lunch at South Beauty Restaurant a fabulous Sichuan Chinese cuisine. Well...You probably already know about T.V celebrity Xiǎo S and Da S also know as Barbie Hsu. South Beauty restaurant is located at 4-floor of the recently renovated former New York New York building, now renamed ATT 4 Fun in Xinyi District. It is near to the Taipe 101 building and well linked with other mega shopping like the Mitsukoshi etc.
Decor: The restaurant is brought to life with the LED lights and moving water effects are projected onto the wall, great lampshades and oversized sofas and it wasn't a typical Chinese style. It has a sleek and lavish decor and elegant table settings.
Food: First up is the cold tea-smoked chicken with spicy sauce it was devoured in a twinkling of an eye and beautifully prepared as well with this tiny tea cups.
Now its time for my favorite Chinese soup is the hot and sour soup it was hot! very hot is rich and velvety, decently tangy with vinegar.
Conpoy and shrimp glutinous rice wrapped by lotus leaf was surprisingly good,,,really good!
Sweet and sour lotus root stuffed wit pork were nice and crispy. I love the light sweet and sour sauce which is very similar to the Thai chili sauce and they look fantastic.
We also had the hot and spicy male crab which was stir fried with a fragrant blend of ginger and spring onion. This place charges by weight and had cost us around more than NT$2,200.
We also try the Mongolian style lamb chops it was very tender and like all other dishes, it is served really hot.
Spicy eggplant was cooked nicely though it was a bit greasy, hot and spicy!
Dan dan noodles 
Pan-fried bun with  chive they come stuffed to the brim with hot savory juices and a meat fatty but less in fat.
Pan-fried dumplings stuffed with pork, was an unexpected surprise, this wasn't too greasy, and the minced pork filling was juicy. 
Sichuan dumplings
Sichuan wanton soup
Deep fry pumpkin cake for the finale. After we finished the meal, we mistakenly believed it was expensive because we were deceived by the beautiful decor and prices on the menu. The dumplings and noodle it's not a large portion and it came in mini bowl. The star dishes of the table had got to be the crab, glutinous rice, tea smoked chicken, lotus root stuffed with pork, pan fried bun & dumplings. The rest it was ok, the service was amazing, the staff was professional and friendly. Well then If you have NT$ burning a hole in your pocket and want to be in a lavish place, this is the place for you.
South Beauty Restaurant
6 Floor, ATT 4 FUN, No.12, Songshou Road, Taipei
Tel No: 2-2725-2288, 02-2725-5588

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