Tuesday, August 21, 2012

NÖÖÖDLES™ Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Most of the time we fly with China Airline or Eva Air. This time we flew with Malaysian Airlines going to Istanbul therefore we had to go to KLIA-Kuala Lumpur International Airport for stopover. Our flight into Istanbul was delayed so we were stranded at the airport for 5 hours. We went to have our meal for midnight snack at NÖÖÖDLES restaurant did you mean noodles? So inserting an extra O huh!
We try the noodles that we never had before and we ordered the fried dumplings served with sweet and sour sauce as appetizer. The filling was a looser medium coarse texture, the flavor actually reminded me the Filipino spring rolls.
There are plenty of options here with various types of drinks and some I never heard before. Since we just had a coffee and other cold drinks at Starbucks and we go for the freshly squeeze watermelon juice.
Our order arrived quite soon after. This beef ball noodle soup, loaded with mild herbal broth.
Tom Yam Noodle soup was not good according to my husband which he claimed was a bit flat.
Hong Kong style wonton soup was a thin sliced of meat, shrimps, noodles and crispy wontons in an dark soy sauce broth.
Last but not least, I try the famous curry noodle from pearl of the orient. The curry soup it was thick and there is a lot of flavor and it tends to remind me of dishes with similar themes that Thai curry flavor. Overall, the noodles soup itself was a bit on the weak side and a little bit bland, something is telling me that it might be better to do so in other restaurant inside the KLIA.
Kuala Lumpur International Airport

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