Friday, August 24, 2012

Tamara Restaurant & Cafe Istanbul & Tahiri Gar Lokantasi Ankara Turkey

Lunch at Tamara Restaurant & Cafe in Istanbul which is located near at Sultanahmet Blue Mosque. There is nothing more disappointing on our first meal in Turkey. The atmosphere itself was still great but it seems to be not very clean.
Our menu was pre-arranged by the travel agency. This is what we got for lunch: For starter, a yummy crisp, colorful salad and appetizing as hot summer weather ones.
Another favorite is the lavash bread, it was a huge pillow of puffed up thin and crispy bread, fresh from the oven.
The red lentil soup it tasted as good as it should be.
For the entree is the grilled chicken kabob platter it smelled so good with healthy dose of saffron. We loved it! It was moist and really tasty, wonderful! and nice pilaf rice that was flavored. All in all, we enjoyed the meal. If you’re in the area I recommend you give it a try.
Tamara Restaurant & Cafe
6 Kucuk Ayasofya Cd, Sultanahmet Istanbul, Turkey
Tahiri Gar Lokantasi is located inside the railway station and has a good, old-fashioned and some would say historic!
The Tahiri Gar Lokantasi offers decent traditional Turkish cuisine. The decor and atmosphere of the restaurant is something retro such as 1940-60's classic venue. One side of the wooden walls is decorated with old pictures of the city and striking photos of Atatürk. The chandeliers added the sense of antiquity to this restaurant.
We were brought some slices of baguette, it was a bit dry and unnecessarily chewy, which made the dry baguettes tasted a whole lot better if you dip or dunk them in the soup.
We had a red lentil soup (again!) as an appetizer which was creamy and really good flavored.
Our main entree was adana kebab, a mildly spicy minced-meat kebab with rice, su böreği (water pastry or pie) some mixed veggies and mashed potato. The kebab it was a bit dry but very tasty and delicious indeed.
Finally this time we were serve with this tiny sliced baklava. Before we came in this restaurant, we even followed up the dessert with our Turkish local tour guide and skipped a plate of watermelon slices. Since we are in Turkey why not to enjoy and indulge the taste of Turkish cuisine. Overall, it was a fine experience, the food was good thou!
Tahiri Gar Lokantasi
Doganbey Mh, 06050 Ankara, Turkey

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