Monday, August 27, 2012

Perissia Hotel Cappadocia Turkey

We stayed for 2 nights in this hotel. It was a wonderful getaway that was just a short distance to the town center of Cappadoccia downtown. Our rooms was very clean and spacious, but there is no electric kettle or even a bottle of mineral water. According to the reviews it was packed of group people but only a few or 4 buses in the parking area.
The restaurant is located on the second floor of the hotel its features a very simple dining table setting with cutlery, glasses, tablecloths and bouquet of small flowers on their tables.
The above was the buffet spread decoration these wonderfully carved watermelons in the ubiquitous flower pattern that you can see in most Thai cuisines.
If you are a Mediterranean salad lover then is the place to be. It has an extensive range of Turkish-Mediterranean cuisine. The platter comprises of varieties of healthy vegetables, peas and beans salads, cheeses, local home grown fruits, desserts, stew dishes and etc.
We’re not major buffet fans, especially hotel buffets are best avoided back home in Taiwan. But I'm a big fan of healthy salads, and this one was particularly fresh and healthy which was baby spinach and other mixed green vegetables ,tangy red cabbage, sliced tomatoes, sweet corn kernel, shredded carrots with a cool yogurt dressing which was Turkish is famous for.
The soup of day was the white potato creamy soup. Although it's not my favorite, I find it satisfactory because we had been eating lentil soup almost everyday.
There was quite a lot of appetizer to choose from. So we grabbed a bit of each to try  was the grilled aubergine with yogurt sauce, peas, beans, herb and spicy feta cheese, cold and spicy chicken.
For my main course, I had a zucchini stuffed with ground meat and rice, grilled anchovies, chicken stew with pilavi or rice. I personally loved the anchovies!
Next we toured the pastry station, they offer cakes, and fruits desserts, too many showcase for desserts and I only captured a few of them. I'm too busy having making choices.
Chocolate fairy chimneys of Cappadocia
It was hard to narrow down our selection of choice’s desserts. I'm not sure of their actual names and describe them, but generally describe the captured.
There's a variety of good food for breakfast as well. I prefer savory breakfasts so, once I’ve grabbed the hotdogs cooked in tomato sauce, fried half cooked eggs, ham, sauteed tomato and eggs and Turkish bagel. Likewise the hotdogs quite similar texture and taste of Filipino hotdogs, one of my favorited h-dogs during my childhood until now. The second day after touring the Cappadocia area and went back in the hotel. Were planning to take a taxi and have a dinner in the Gerome downtown. But the weather didn't improved sometimes, it was rain heavy until late at night. So we ate our dinner in he hotel, the food it was the same meal. We felt it wasn't delicious at all and eat less! Overall the food was ok.
Perissia Hotel
Mehmet Dinler Bulvari, 25, Urgup 50400 Turkey

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