Friday, August 31, 2012

Horozluhan Restaurant Konya Turkey

Horozluhan is one of the best preserved caravansaries (inn). Built around 1246 in Anatolia used to be a caravanserai historic silk road routes a stop-over for tradesmen and travellers alike to rest.
This beautiful building is operated as a restaurant. It is outrageously exotic and authentic has a central courtyard that serves as a seating area covered with arches and domes that was supposedly the old stables for the merchants and caravans who would wish to stay.
There's a special ambience at this delightful restaurant it offers a excellent Turkish cuisine.
At first, we were served a generous amount of pita slices.
 Next, we had a lentil soup!
For our mains, we got a chicken kavurma/saç kavurma. This is specially cooked on a heated iron plate called a "Saç" in Turkish it's like paella. This is a chicken meat and mushroom dish which was cooked home-style and tasted quite good with the rice. We gobbled up everything!
The last of a mixed meat and cheese pide a Turkish pizza-like dish.
The cappuccino arrives shortly after the main course. No fancy patterns dusted in cocoa, and its delicious. Probably is the best coffee we ever had in Turkey!
For dessert, we had a semolina halva its overly sweet and not suitable for those diabetic people. All in all, everyone enjoyed the meal and absolutely love this place.
Horozluhan Restaurant
Konya Turkey

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